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Student Achievements

Many of our students’ successes are measured simply by a rise in confidence. Confidence to cope better with the requirements of day to day reading, writing, listening and speaking.  All students are encouraged to write an article for our magazine every year and this is also a mark of success for many who have never seen their personal work published.

Lee Z

was a Fine Arts student at Swinburne. Her painting was superb but her reading and writing of English left a bit to be desired, understandably so, as English was not her first language. Lee was becoming frustrated by the written assignments that were a course requirement and was on the verge of throwing it all in when she arrived on our door step. Fortunately, her 1 to 1 tutor shared Lee’s interest in art and together they visited galleries and exhibitions, discussed old masters and set out to improve Lee’s writing. Recognising Lee’s exceptional painting skills, her tutor encouraged Lee to enter art competitions to raise Lee’s confidence in herself. Success struck when Lee was awarded $2000 first prize in the Dandenong Art Competition. Lee presented to me a copy of her exam and year’s final results – all Credits and Distinctions.

Steve W

was also inspired to reassess his own spelling and writing skills when he realised that his young family were growing rapidly and he was failing to keep pace with their education.  Steve unknowingly had a great imagination but his poor spelling had inhibited him from developing his writing skills.  After joining WALP, with a 1 to 1 tutor, Steve is now putting together a collection of his own ‘Who Dun It’ stories for his children and future generations.

John B

has been a student with WALP for a number of years. He has a young, growing family and had a major spelling problem when he arrived. At his initial assessment and interview, he attempted to write a paragraph but was unable to read it back due to the numerous spelling errors. John worked hard at improving his spelling and writing and 15 months after he joined us he won 4th prize in the Monash Writing Competition.


a Sri Lankan lady, came to WALP because she was in danger of loosing her job. Her job required her to answer the telephone and write letters and reports. Her boss had complained that customers could not understand her on the phone and if she didn’t improve her pronunciation, letter and report writing she could look for another job. Her 1 to 1 tutor worked hard on Mal’s pronunciation by having her student phone her regularly. They both worked on her writing. Today, Mallery works as Office Manager for the company in a modern office which offers her financial security.

It is difficult to isolate the most successful stories as all of our students are encouraged to set and achieve short and long term goals. To aim high and succeed, even to the smallest degree must be considered as an achievement