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Volunteer Tutors



Waverley Adult Literacy Program Inc is always looking for suitable volunteer tutors.

This is an extremely rewarding experience and one that could make a major impact on another individual’s life.

WALP provides free training for suitable, community spirited people.  On completion of the core training you will have a choice of positions.  You may choose to take on a one to one student.  You may choose to assist in a classroom or you may choose to work with another volunteer in a small conversation group.

There are a number of other options also available and you will learn of these during the training.

If you would like to know more, please contact our Coordinator on (03) 9807 2322 or email walp@waverleyliteracy.net

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to take on tutoring?

Most definitely NOT!  Many of our best tutors are retired people looking for a new challenge.

How much time is required of me each week?

We ask that you spend up to two hours per week with your student.  This is flexible and varies depending on the student’s needs and the time that you have available.

How long is the training course?

The core training begins in term 2, but you will start in term 1 with the opportunity to sit in classes and observe before you make a commitment.  Training in term 2 will go for 10-11 weeks once per week for 2-3 hours.

You are required to attend all the training but we realize things may come up that may prevent you from attending  occasionally.

Term 3 and 4 training continues in the form of workshops.

I have never taught before – will I be accepted for training?

Most people who apply for training are accepted.  A teaching background or tutoring background is not required.  Most importantly is an empathy with the adult learner.  Potential tutors must also possess a great deal of patience as progress can sometimes be very slow.

What do I do next?

There are 4 very easy steps.

Step 1 : if you are interested in knowing more then please contact our Coordinator for an interview by phoning (03)  9807 2322 or e-mail  us at  walp@waverleyliteracy.net

Step 2: You will then be asked if you would like to join one of our classes during term 1 as an observer.

Step 3: During term one you will receive an outline of the training course to be conducted during term 2.  This course runs for 2-3 hours per week over the term. During this time you will be introduced to the various areas for you to choose from to work after the training is completed.

Step 4: On completion of the course you will be  placed into the program.

Of course this is not the end, just the beginning.  You will be provided with ongoing professional development and training in the form of:

  • Volunteer tutor meetings where you have the opportunity to meet other tutors to exchange ideas.
  • Tutor workshops to update your knowledge and skills
  • Tutor newsletter each term
  • Coordinator assistance whenever you require any extra support
  • We also provide a wonderful library of up to date Adult Education books and a good supply of resource material.

Please read the following from a couple of our valued volunteers.

Dierdre said:

Having just retired I decided that I would like to give something back to the community.  I joined WALP as a volunteer in May 2015 and after completing a short training course, I undertook the role of assistant to the English Teacher in  a  classroom environment.

I have met and worked with a wonderful group of ladies drawn from all corners of the globe, all with incredible stories to tell.

I cannot put into words the mutual joy and pride experienced when a student successfully completes a required assessment, or writes a short story about their own life experiences.

It is very gratifying to listen to our students, who are learning English as a second language, communicate their thoughts, opinions and views in English.

Helen said:

My name is Helen and as a volunteer at WALP, I conduct a conversation group for two hours a week.  As a retiree I was looking for something fulfilling to do where I could make a difference. 

The students learn to improve their pronunciation, gain skills in English speaking and making conversation,  expand their vocabulary and importantly, gain confidence … and along the way we all enjoy ourselves. 

I have found this whole experience extremely satisfying and a lot more fun than I was expecting. 

I’d highly recommend it!

We hope you can join us.  We look forward to your enquiry.